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Who Is the Most to Blame for COVID?

Who Is the Most to Blame for COVID?

The Surprising Potential of Ivermectin Against Cancer: Dr. Kathleen Ruddy36:56

Only 0.3 Percent of COVID Vaccine Injury Claims Compensated by US Program | Facts Matter08:53

[PREMIERING NOW] The Modified mRNA Cancer Link Explained | FALLOUT02:46

Vaccine Manufacturer Finally Admits to Stroke Side Effect | Facts Matter07:00

Excess Deaths in Japan Hit 115,000 Following 3rd COVID Shot; New Study Explains Why

Embalmers Seeing Clotting in Up to 50 Percent of Bodies?–Thomas Haviland Breaks Down Survey Data36:37

Internal Emails Show CDC Hid Possible Vaccine Link to Hearing Problems | Facts Matter08:48

Formula for Treating Vaccine-Induced Brain Damage | Autism Specialist Maija Hahn

LIVE Q&A: The Next Wave of mRNA Vaccines? | FALLOUT01:02:19

How the NIH Admitted COVID Vaccine Injury in a Suppressed Study: Dr. Joel Wallskog20:45

After 2-Year Legal Fight, CDC Releases 780,000 Vaccine Injury Reports from V-Safe System | Facts Matter10:33

The World Health Organization is Creating a New ‘Pandemic Industry’: Philipp Kruse44:27

Expert Warns: mRNA Vaccines Are ‘Completely Unethical’ | Christina Parks31:43

Did the MMR Vax Really End Measles in the US? How Do Vaxxed Kids Compare to Unvaxxed Kids in Health?24:21

Did the FDA Just Admit It Was Wrong About Ivermectin? | FALLOUT38:37

Spike Protein Exposure and Clotting Pathologies Explained: Dr. Jordan Vaughn26:58

Media Claims It Was Duped by Fauci-Funded Scientists on Covid Origins, but Is That Really True? | Truth Over News14:05

FDA Forced to Remove Anti-Ivermectin Posts Claiming It’s Horse Medicine | Facts Matter12:38

Why This Bioinformatics Expert Believes the COVID-19 Virus Was Edited in a Lab19:16

Spike Protein Contamination: Study Calls for mRNA Vaccines to Be Suspended Over Blood Bank Concerns | Facts Matter15:13

As Elon Musk Aims for Mars, Man-Made Viruses Pose An Existential Threat to the Human Race | Truth Over News15:07

How Shadowy Forces Control What Science Gets Published | FALLOUT

The Ugly History of Vaccines: Part 2 | Dr. Suzanne Humphries17:47


Weapons of Mass Migration | NEW Documentary

TV Series

The US–Israel Alliance | America’s Hope


Come Follow Me


CCP’s Global Ambitions

CCP's Global Ambitions-Introduction

Nine Commentaries On the Communist Party

Nine Commenteries on the Communist Party 1

1″]Anything For Power – A Cartoon Biography: The Real Story Of China’s Jiang Zemin(blog)

One: A Family Of Traitors

How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

All Chapters



Beautiful Savior—Easter Hymn by Claire Ryann at 4 Years Old
Beautiful Savior—Easter Hymn by Claire Ryann at 4 Years Old

Beautiful Savior—Easter Hymn by Claire Ryann at 4 Years Old03:08

J. Haydn- Koncert pro klavír č. 11 D dur, 3.věta, Klára (7) a SČF Teplice 07:07

Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro | 40 Fingers43:32

Johannes Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1 | Mei-Ting Sun | OSX49:21

Antonio Vivaldi: The Four Seasons | Francisco Fullana | OSX49:46

Johann Sebastian Bach: Christmas Oratorio (Excerpts) | OSX01:22:19

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Op. 125 | Orquesta Escuela Carlos Chávez Gira Campeche 202301:24:14

Verdi: Requiem | José Carlos Carmona01:24:40

J. S. Bach: Magnificat | Choir of the University of Seville | Orquesta Sinfónica Hispalense34:17

Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5, Op. 73, ‘Emperor’ | Carlos Santo40:27

Brahms: Symphony No. 2 | Dmitry Polyakov • Graduation Work40:38

Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola, and Orchestra33:17

Moms for America 20th Anniversary Gala01:46:17

Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor, K.466 | Luis del Ojo, Pedro Gálvez, JOFCA29:20

What Is Shen Yun? An Exclusive, Inside Look With Leading Shen Yun Artists | Special Episode39:13

Mozart: String Quartet No. 19 in C Major, K.465, ‘Dissonance’ – The Online Chamber Music Series | Israel Philharmonic28:52

Beethoven: String Trio in E-flat Major, Op. 3 | The Online Chamber Music Series | Israel Philharmonic39:06

From Baseball Player to Principal Dancer, Jesse Browde Hopes to Inspire People to Be Better18:32

J. S. Bach: Mass in A Major, BWV 234 | Ludovice Ensemble29:45

J. S. Bach: Goldberg Variations, Online Chamber Music Series | Israel Philharmonic50:07

Pártos, Schumann, Beethoven: Zubin Mehta & Martha Argerich | Israel Philharmonic01:35:20

Haydn, Herbert, & Beethoven | Pinchas Zukerman and Amanda Forsyth | Israel Philharmonic01:31:13

Schubert: Symphony No. 8 ‘Unfinished’26:02

Fux: Kaiserrequiem | Czech Ensemble Baroque48:29

Wellness Matters

The Vitamin D Miracle Supplement | FALLOUT

The Vitamin D Miracle Supplement | FALLOUT15:51

Excess Deaths in Japan Hit 115,000 Following 3rd COVID Shot; New Study Explains Why

How Diet, Lifestyle Could End 80 Percent of Diabetes, Cancer, Other Disease01:47:26

Precision Medicine: The New Fountain of Youth? (Long COVID, Brain Fog & Menopausal Hormonal Imbalance) | The Dr. Monti Show23:28

The Mom Who Beat Autism | Tracy Slepcevic26:03

Could (SSRI) Antidepressants Influence Mass Shootings and other Violence? Non-Drug Depression Relief.22:51

The Science of Obesity and How to Reverse It | Live Webinar With Dr. Jason Fung01:44:38

Ivermectin as a ‘Powerful Drug’ for Fighting Cancer: A Look at the Evidence | Facts Matter13:24

Improve Anxiety With 3 Core Nutrients That Boost Brain Health20:50

100 Percent Cancer Remission of Patients in Monoclonal Antibody Trial | Facts Matter07:50

Unlocking Anti-Aging Secrets With ACES Medicine | Live Webinar With Dr. Jingduan Yang 02:11:08

Asthma Meds Now Target Inflammation to Bring Longer Relief; Do Obesity, Low vitamin D Cause Asthma?31:18

‘Extreme Events’: US Cancer Deaths Spiked in 2021 and 2022 According to CDC Data | Facts Matter08:22

6 Popular Ultra-Processed Foods to Immediately Stop Eating | Facts Matter12:59

Soy’s Protein Benefits vs. Man-Breasts Myth11:54

Your Muscles Can Get Stronger as You Age | Live Webinar With TYZEN Body Mastery01:12:10

Parkinson’s Gone in Patient After Doctor Fixes Cell Structure | Dr. Krishna Doniparthi30:35

Robert Malone on Assisted Suicide: What Happens When the Government Has a Financial Incentive in Your Death? | FALLOUT25:53

Do Statins Really Improve Health? What Hidden Details Lie in Statin Research?24:11

Eat Your Way Out of Cancer: Sayer Ji | Live Webinar02:10:34

Can ‘Higher Cholesterol’ Be a Sign of Good Health? What Health Stats Across 160 Countries Show12:51

Falun Gong Classics(En. Sub.)

The Eternal Story

Podcast: Courage Films https://mp3mp4pdf.net/couragefilms.xml


Church And State (https://stateofmankind.net/cnsmp4.xml)


Mysteries of Life (https://stateofmankind.net/molmp4.xml)


Documentary Cinema (https://stateofmankind.net/cinemamp4.xml)


CounterPunch with Trevor Loudon + NEWS (https://stateofmankind.net/counterpunchmp4.xml)



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The Ominous CCP Factor: https://mp3mp4pdf.net/pandemic-theccpfactorpdf.xml Red Dragon Menacing: https://www.mp3mp4pdf.net/communismexposedpdf.xml Pandemic Quotable: https://mp3mp4pdf.net/pandemicquotablespdf.xml CCP’s Global Ambitions: https://mp3mp4pdf.net/ccpsglobalambitionspdf.xml A Cartoon Biography – The Real Story of China’s Jiang Zemin: https://mp3mp4pdf.net/anythingforpowerpdf.xmlBook Excerpts(‎How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World)


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Nine Commentaries On the Communist Party: https://mp3mp4pdf.net/ninecompdf.xml

How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World: https://mp3mp4pdf.net/howthespecterpdf.xml

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Divine Culture: https://mp3mp4pdf.net/divineculturepdf.xml

Falun Dafa Day Art Designs: https://mp3mp4pdf.net/falundafaday513art.xml The Mother Of All Evils: https://mp3mp4pdf.net/moaepdf.xml

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The Mother Of All Evils — Jiang Zemin‘s Legacy to Mankind  PDF(1M) ePub(<1M) Mobi(<1M)

Pandemic Reflection: The Ominous CCP Factor PDF(preview)(<1M); ePub(<1M); MOBI(<1M)

Pandemic Reflection: The Destructive CCP Model PDF(preview)(9.74M); ePub(9.76M); MOBI(3.31M)

Pandemic Reflection: The Destructive CCP Model(II) PDF(preview)(6.08M); ePub(5.32M); MOBI(3.55M)

Pandemic Reflection: The Destructive CCP Model(III)PDF(preview)(2.87M); ePub(2.41M); MOBI(1.98M)

The Destructive CCP Model(IV)  PDF ePub Mobi

The Genocide Games PDF(preview3.94M)ePu(3.21M); MOBI(2.62M)

Red Dragon Menacing (I) – Nine Commentaries & CCP’s Global Ambitions PDF(preview)(2.5M); ePub(<1M); MOBI(<1M)

Red Dragon Menacing (II) – The CCP Virus(Reports & Essays) PDF(preview)(7.3M); ePub(7.9M); MOBI(1.5M)

Red Dragon Menacing (III) – On CCP’s All-Out Aggression Against Humanity(1) PDF(preview)(3.1M); ePub(4.2M); MOBI(2.6M)

Red Dragon Menacing (III) – On CCP’s All-Out Aggression Against Humanity(2) PDF(preview)(3.8M); ePub(4.3M); MOBI(3.5M)

Red Dragon Menacing (III) – On CCP’s All-Out Aggression Against Humanity(3) PDF(preview)(3.97M); ePub(4.22M); MOBI(4.05M)

Red Dragon Menacing (III) – On CCP’s All-Out Aggression Against Humanity(4) PDF(preview)(5.03M); ePub(7.66M); MOBI(5.37M)

Red Dragon Menacing (III) – On CCP’s All-Out Aggression Against Humanity(5) PDF(preview)(3.46M); ePub(3.35M); MOBI(3.14M)

Red Dragon Menacing (III) – On CCP’s All-Out Aggression Against Humanity(6) PDF(preview)(1.3M); ePub(534K); MOBI(753K)

Red Dragon Menacing (III)- On CCP’s All-Out Aggression Against Humanity(7) – PDF(preview)(1.02M); ePub(411K); MOBI(556K)

Red Dragon Menacing (III)- On CCP’s All-Out Aggression Against Humanity(8) – PDF(preview)(9M); ePub(8M); MOBI(7M)

How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World PDF(preview)(2.08M); ePub(565K); MOBI(1.10M)

Cartoon Biography: Anything For Power – The Real Story of China’s Jiang Zemin PDF(preview)(15.4MB); ePub(16.5MB); MOBI(12.0MB)


 Articles by Master Li Hongzhi
How Humankind Came To Be
PDF(278k) ePub(19k) MOBI(26k)
Why Save Sentient Beings
PDF(80k) ePub(55k) MOBI(29k)

One Reaps What One Sows. It’s time for the world to join the epic endeavor to end the CCP’s rule without a war, just like the fall of the Berlin Wall. Please sign the “End CCP” Petition. By rejecting the CCP you will join the 300 million+ courageous Chinese CCP Quitters in choosing and securing a bright future.


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